Aboyne Dance Costume

Tartan Dancers Aboyne dance costume. Used for SOBHD Scottish National DancesOur hand made Scottish Highland Aboyne dance wear is made from genuine 11 ounce tartan, sourced directly from Scotland in the tartan of your choice. Both the skirt and the plaid are made from the same piece of material, so there are no differences in dyes or weave. All prices listed below are in Australian dollars and exclusive of GST for Australian buyers.

Our tartan finder can be used to help you view each of the available tartans.

Starting from $350, Aboyne vest sold separately.

Vests starting from $180.




Our aboyne skirt laid out flat.

Aboyne skirt flat
Aboyne skirt laid out flat, this sample is designed to grow with the dancer. The waist has an overlap allowing for adjustments. The tartan is not cut, so hem adjustments are dependant on skirt length when ordered.

Rear of the aboyne showing the plaid.

Aboyne fringed plaid

A view of the plaid from the back. Each plaid is fringed by hand.

Aboyne vest with lace up front and prancing lions buttons.

Aboyne vest front

Aboyne Vests are made in the colour velvet of your choice to match the tartan you have chosen. The vest can be opened from the front by undoing the lacing and the hook & eyes, or by using the optional rear zipper(see next image).

Vest sold separately.

Optional rear zip in the aboyne vest.

Aboyne vest back

The vest may also be opened using the optional rear zipper, which is hidden whilst dancing by the plaid, see above. Back zipper is an optional extra. It does make those rushed costume changes easy!

Vest sold separately.

Our aboyne.

Aboyne costume


Side view of aboyne showing the plaid fringe.

Aboyne costume


Rear view of aboyne and vest.

Aboyne costume